Professional Lawn Care Service

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Lawn Care Services

We offer fertilizer, weed, pest and disease control services for your lawn. Fertilizing is an important part of your lawn's health. Too much fertilizer, not enough fertilizer, or fertilizer applied at the wrong time can weaken your lawn and allow weeds to enter. Our objective is to apply the right amount of fertilizer at the right time. Weed and pest control applications are done as needed, only when needed.


Thatch is the layer of dead and decomposing material between grass roots and the surface. A healthy lawn will have about 1/2" of thatch to help control erosion and retain moisture. If a lawn develops more than this, thatch can stop much needed water, air and fertilizers from reaching the roots. Dethatching is the process of vertically slicing the thatch to loosen and remove it. The process includes running a dethatcher over the lawn, then raking or sweeping up the debris and finally mowing and bagging the clippings. Dethatching is a labor intensive and time consuming job and priced accordingly. Power-Raking is the process of removing dead grass and clippings from the surface of the lawn. Power-Raking is done in the spring to lift and loosen grass that has become matted from foot traffic, heavy snow, or ice. Power-Raking is done more often than dethatching as sort of a spring tune-up for the lawn. Power-raking is also very effective at cleaning up Vole damage.

Lawn Aerating

Aeration is the practice of removing cores of soil from the upper layer of the lawn. This will help loosen the soil and allow roots to spread, water and air to enter and fertilizers to be more effective. If your soil feels hard (pushing a screwdriver in 3" is very difficult) or water does not soak in, then your lawn may benefit from aerating. Aeration is best done in the Spring or Fall. A lawn can also be over seeded after aeration to improve or repair damaged areas.


Shrubs are special plants that have their own requirements for care, which include regular pruning to ensure the continued health and vigor of the plant. There are several techniques for pruning shrubs such as: renewal, rejuvenation, shearing and developmental/shaping. We will determine what pruning method is best for a particular plant based on why we are pruning it, paying attention to plant health, development and aesthetics. We can also trim and growth train younger trees as well as trim low branches on older trees. Shrubs and trees have specific times when they should be pruned, please plan ahead and schedule work as soon as possible.

Snow Plowing and Winter Roof Care

During the winter months we provide snow plowing. We can set up a regular maintence schedule or give us a call when needed. For seasonal residents, we can accommodate you to make sure regular plowing is done while you are away and help improve security around your home. Contact us in advance of your arrival and your drive will be cleared for you before you return home. We will also remove snow from your roof to help prevent structural damage.

Security Checks

Headed out of town on vacation or headed south for the winter? We will monitor your residence while you are away and make sure your home is safe and sound in your absence. Our security check services include checking doors, windows, and exterior water sources among others. Contact us with your departure and arrival dates in order to schedule a security check.